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microRNA-Data-Integration-Portal (mirDIP) amalgamates 13 microRNA prediction datasets from 6 recognized databases.

The currently available portal enables the user to conduct 4 types of search.
   Mammals, Chicken, Fish:    Plants: See the instruction page for more information.

Data Source Statistics
mammals, birds, fish
Micro RNA prediction Databases:6
Micro RNA prediction Data Sets:13
Organisms at Data Sets:Mammals, Chicken, Fish
Number of Genes at Data Sets:23,655
Number of Micro RNA at Data Sets:5,669
Number of Database Records at Data Sets:74,048,016

Data Source Statistics
Plants at Data Sets:Brassica
Number of Genes at Data Sets:21,777
Number of Micro RNA at Data Sets:64
Number of Database Records at Data Sets:359,376

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Shirdel EA, Xie W, Mak TW, Jurisica I, 2011 NAViGaTing the Micronome . Using Multiple MicroRNA Prediction Databases to Identify Signalling Pathway-Associated MicroRNAs. PLoS ONE 6(2): e17429. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0017429