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pathDIP is an annotated database of signaling cascades in human and non-human organisms, comprising core pathways from major curated pathways databases, and pathways predicted based on orthology, and by using physical protein interactions. Data integration and predictions increase coverage of pathway annotations for human proteome to 92%. pathDIP annotates 122,131 unique proteins in 6,401 pathways in 17 organisms (including 18,454 human proteins), annotates 36,216 pathway orphans (including 5,366 human proteins), and provides multiple query, analysis and output options.

Please cite the following paper for this database:

Rahmati, S., Abovsky, M., Pastrello, C., Jurisica, I. pathDIP: An annotated resource for known and predicted human gene-pathway associations and pathway enrichment analysis. Nucl Acids Res 45(D1): D419-D426, 2017. WEB , PDF

Jurisica Lab , Krembil Research Institute (Some other projects)

- Integrated Interactions Database: Search Tissue specific protein interactions across species.

- Data Visualization and analysis with NAViGaTOR: Scalable network visualization and visual data mining graphic tool powered by OpenGL.

- SCRIPDB: Search for molecules across US Patents.

- NetwoRx: A database for linking drugs to pathways and networks.

Note: Updated release. API page got a minor fix. All other pages generate the same search results as Original pathDIP 4.0 of Sep 2019.

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