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Agarwal R., Jurisica, I., Cheng K.W., Mills G.B. The emerging role of the Rab25 small GTPase in cancer, Traffic, 2009. E-Pub July 23, 2009. In Press.

Rab25 protein-protein interaction network. The network was constructed by querying the I2D database ver. 1.71 ( Only direct, physical interactions were included, covering human curated, high-throughput and interologous interactions. The network comprises 1,162 proteins and 2,479 interactions (individual interaction sources are listed at Twenty six direct interactors of Rab25 are connected by 32 interactions; all other interactions were blended out to reduce network complexity. Biological function of proteins is as per the legend, the sources of interactions are highlighted with edge color, and thick edges represent interactions supported by >2 sources. Network visualization was done in NAViGaTOR ver. 2.015 (