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Savas, S., Geraci, J., Jurisica, I., Liu, G. A comprehensive catalogue of functional genetic variations in the EGFR pathway: Protein-protein interaction analysis reveals novel genes and polymorphisms important for cancer research. Int J Cancer,125(6): 1257-65, 2009.

PPI network generated from the 122 core f-EGFR proteins; comprising 2,425 proteins and 4,458 interactions. The triangular nodes represent the 122 core f-EGFR proteins and the 71 blue nodes represent those proteins in the ERBB pathway, that are also members of this PPI network. The 26 nodes on the diagonal (blue triangles) are those proteins that belong to both the core f-EGFR proteins and EGFR pathway. The 8 nodes framed in red along the diagonal are highly connected in this PPI network.