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To faciliate experimentation and integrated computational analysis with model organism PPI networks, we have integrated known, experimental and predicted PPIs for five model organisms and human in the I2D database.

I2D is developed and maintained by Jurisica Lab at Ontario Cancer Institute, PMH. I2D will continue to expand as new protein-protein interaction data becomes available.


Significantly expanded physical protein interaction database is now available as IID - Integrated Interactions Database. It is 74% larger than I2D and includes annotation of tissue-specific interactions across 30 tissues.

Kotlyar M, Pastrello C, Sheahan N, Jurisica I. Integrated interactions database: tissue-specific view of the human and model organism interactomes. Nucleic Acids Res. 2016 Jan. 44(D1):D536-41. PubMed | PDF

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Showing data from Cell paper, Fig 5 Global Sequencing of Proteolytic Cleavage Sites in Apoptosis by Specific Labeling of Protein N Termini

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Agarwal R., Jurisica I., Cheng K.W., Mills G.B. The emerging role of the Rab25 small GTPase in cancer, Traffic, 2009. E-Pub July 23, 2009. In Press.

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Niu Y., Otasek D., Jurisica I. Evaluation of linguistic features useful in extraction of interactions from PubMed; Application to annotating known, high-throughput and predicted interactions in I2D. Bioinformatics, 2009. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btp602.
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King A.D., Przulj Y., Jurisica I. Protein Complex Prediction with RNSC.Bacterial Molecular Networks, Series: Methods in Molecular Biology, Eds. van Helden, Toussaint, Thieffry, The Humana Press Inc, Tatowa, NJ.
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Mills G. B., Jurisica I., Yarden Y., Norman J. C. Genomic amplicons target vesicle recycling in breast cancer.J Clin Invest., 119, 2123-7, 2009.

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Brown, K.R., and Jurisica, I. (2007) Unequal evolutionary conservation of human protein interactions in interologous networks.
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Brown, K.R., and Jurisica, I. (2005) Online Predicted Human Interaction Database.
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Source Interactions: 687,072
Predicted Interactions: 619,398
Total Interactions: 1,279,157

Database Access

The latest I2D version 2.9 is available for download in its entirety.

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I2D can also be queried online via a web interface.

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NAViGaTOR is a powerful graphing application for the 2D and 3D visualization of biological networks

When I2D is queried, it can output data in several formats one of which is a NAViGaTOR compatible file. This file can be opened up in NAViGaTOR for visualization and further analysis. I2D can also be queried from within NAViGaTOR.

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