mirDIP : microRNA Data Integration Portal

Instructions :

There are three ways that you can use mirDIP to search for your targets:
  1. Source search
    This search allows you to combine microRNA prediction databases with a logical AND. By entering a gene symbol or microRNA and clicking multiple source search boxes, you are specifying that you would like mirDIP to return predictions for the specified gene or microRNA that occur in ALL specified databases. Search results are returned in database order -- so the final returned list will be x times as long the number of targets if you specify x number of target databases in your search.

  2. Characteristic Search
    This search allows you to specify which database characteristics are most important to you. You are permitted to select 2 characteristics. All hits from databases using those characteristics in their prediction algorithms are returned.

  3. Tailored Situation Search
    There are several situations where one might choose to maximize precision, recall or use an even balance of both. High precision, high recall and combined high precision and recall databases are determined as in [reference]. High precision might be useful in a situation where once needs to identify likely targets with high certainty and is not concerned with what the target may be. High recall might be suitable for a situation where one would like a larger list of possible targets. A balanced precision and recall situation might be used when one needs moderately high certainty of a target, but also wishes to see a larger number of possible targets.
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Shirdel EA, Xie W, Mak TW, Jurisica I, 2011 NAViGaTing the Micronome . Using Multiple MicroRNA Prediction Databases to Identify Signalling Pathway-Associated MicroRNAs. PLoS ONE 6(2): e17429. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0017429