Submitting Paper (papers) to ADIP database

(Each paper should be submitted by set of 2 file: Info.txt and Data.txt. If paper keeps 2 or more comparisons then a set of 2 files (Info.txt and Data.txt) per each comparison.)

Step 1. Generate Info.txt file
Use this order: Authors. Title. Journal entry.
Diseased samples:
Control samples:
Data reference:
In text table number
or supplementary table number
or GEO set id with Web URL
(optional but still desirable)


Sample of prepared Info

Paper Info

Step 2. Make Data.txt file
  • Use MS Office Excel or similar application to collect data (from paper / data-reference table) into 5 columns as tab delimited spreadsheet. Name columns as:

    - gene symbol (mandatory)

    - regulation (mandatory. Can be 'up' or 'down' only. Comment at Info.txt should clarify a way the regulation was set.)

    - score (optional. Set score of all 'up' as well as 'down' coming from Log(FC) as positive. Treat score of the other 'down' as negative values.)

    - p value (optional)

    - clone id (optional. Clone Id would be a Probe ID related to a Method or Platform.)

Sample of prepared Data

Data sample

Step 3. Verify

- Find Chiara and get her have a look on both: Info.txt and Data.txt.

- Submit paper to ADIP database team. Thanks.

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